Saturday, August 08, 2009

Being Crafty!

I found the instructions for this box online at Jackie Topa's website. It's a stationary box, designed to hold cards, stamps, pens, and a mini-address book. The first one I made following the directions pretty closely...

And then I made another (because they're so nifty!) and I thought it would be good for keeping grading supplies in. My stickers are always a mess in my desk, so I designed this one to hold stickers, post-it notes, red pens, and clips. I also want to get a cheap, thin calculator to attach above the red pens. Then I'd be all set!

All papers, stamps, and embellishments are from Close to My Heart.


  1. I love this box too. Can you tell me how I get to Jackies site to get the instructions? Very nice blog.

  2. This link should do it:
    or just google "Jackie Topa Stationary Box", and you can find it that way too!


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