Monday, February 27, 2012

So Touched!

I just received a very nice recognition from a fellow blogger, and just had to share.  Miriam from Sooner Rather than Later just awarded me the Cute as a Button blog award, which you can see in my sidebar!  I am so surprised and so very touched!  It's a wonderful way to make someone's else feel good.  If you haven't seen Miriam's work before, I encourage you to follow the link and check it out.  Her designs are amazing and original.  I've never met Miriam and think it's so nice she chose to reach out to someone new and share.

The nicest part is that I now get to make someone else's day by making them the next recipient.  There are so many contenders who leap to mind, but to keep it special I'm going to choose just one.  I'm off to do some thinking about that with a smile on my face....stay tuned!

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